My feet… My feet are… Dead.

I actually did some assisting today, for the first time in… Idunno. Anyway,  a few weeks ago I got a call from a big-time architecture photographer in Atlanta who was coming to town to do some interior/exterior shots of a local hospital for the firm that designed it. I checked his website, and his work was badass.

He told me that his client for this job did not want to pay to fly his assistant out to SA with him, so he would be in need of help. Some of you may ask, “But Darren, why would you assist some other photographer when we all know that you’re the best shooter in the history of cameras, and even light itself?”

I know, I know, but as preposterous as it sounds, I have but merely a smidgen (it’s a real unit of measurement – look it up) of pro architectural experience. I thought it would be a great learning experience to assist on this job, and I was right. I learned a lot today, on our thirteen-hour shoot (Holy shit. My feet are numb).

He was shooting with an EOS-1Ds Mark II and EF 24mm TS-E lens. The Ds was tethered to a PowerBook that was mounted on a tripod next to the camera. That was cool – and it was the first time I’d seen a TS-E action. Neat-O. And holy crap… The images that came off that Ds… Wow. The Ds rocks your ass.

Most of the shots were indoors, so ambient light scenes were filled in with strategic placement of several LTM Pepper Lights and a few Lowel Omnis for the larger spaces. It was really cool to learn first-hand how to light complex interior scenes without the additional light being apparent in the photos. “But Darren, you’re a pro! You should know how light behaves, you dick!” Yes, I know, one would think that any light placement would be second-nature to a photo god like me, but I couldn’t believe how many tricks there are to the pro architecture world. I learned a lot, and I love it when that happens.


~ by peakaction on July 26, 2006.

3 Responses to “Dogs-a-barkin’”

  1. you dick, don’t you know how light behaves? 😉

    yes, i still assist once in a while as well. mostly for friends who “need a hand” and know i won’t market their fucking client…

    or a couple people who know i know my way ’round a set.

    hope you’re well!

  2. it wasnt until i assisted on a fashion shoot that i really understood the role and power of a fashion photographer.. and now i would love to dive into that area.

    its nice just so see how other people DO what we do.

  3. Man, I enjoy assisting when I get the chance. It’s a fun break from being the boss.

    My first time assisting was on an architectural shoot… I learned alot… but then again I knew nothing. Neither did the photog, as his primary camera was the 20D… Not that there’s anything wrong with that… He just didn’t know shit… I now realize.

    Enjoyed the photos. I put a link to your site on my blog…


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