A job well done.

For the last three days I have been assisting an Atlanta architectural photographer with a shoot here in San Antonio. He had been hired to photograph a hospital by the firm that designed the building but they did not want to pay for his assistant to fly with him to Texas, so instead he called ahead and, through the grapevine, found me to assist him with the shoot.

Normally I don’t do assisting work, but I made an exception in this case so I could glean some knowledge of professional architectural shooting from a guy who is very successful in the market. I don’t have much experience with shooting interiors, and although that isn’t what my primary market is, I have always wanted to know some of the tricks of the trade. Interiors are hard to master, and who knows, maybe I can use some of that new knowledge to make a decent living some day.

I picked Kieran up from SA International Monday night. We had never met before, and I had forgotten to bring a sign with his name on it. He wouldn’t know who I was so I brought my Leica with me into the airport because if there was one professional photographer hanging out at the gate, chances are he would be the one with an M6 around his neck.

I sat down in a chair outside the gate, and like clockwork, my attention span slipped off and I became engrossed in watching Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas on my iPod. After a while I looked up to see a guy pointing at me. “Darren?” I had never heard my name pronounced with an Irish accent; it sounded cool. The Leica trick had worked.

We crammed his bags into my GTI and headed off to get a pint at the Lion & Rose pub. I downed a much-needed Stella Artois and then dropped Kieran off at his hotel.

We shot for thirteen hours on Tuesday, and again Wednesday for about twelve more hours. I think altogether there were nine interior shots and two exteriors.

The interior designer and another woman (I guess she was a project lead or something) joined us from Nashville to oversee the shoot. The designer was young, probably fresh out of college. I know she wasn’t yet twenty-five because she wasn’t allowed to drive their rental car. I got a laugh out of that – she can design the interior of a multi-million dollar hospital, but she can’t be trusted to drive a rental car. Nice.

The other woman was older, somewhere close to retirement age. She seemed like the type to drive a Jaguar and hang out at the country club. Nice enough, but a little detached from what I call the real world. She definitely voted for dubyah and the dick.

So that was that. We finished shooting and this morning I picked Kieran up at his hotel and took him to ship his gear at a postal store. Then we went to lunch and I dropped him off at the airport.

That was earlier this afternoon, and now I’m on a plane myself, headed for Denver. More on that later.


~ by peakaction on July 27, 2006.

2 Responses to “A job well done.”

  1. stella. leica – this entry featured some nice keywords.


  2. hah, good call on the leica @ the airport!

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