Video Fucko

That’s a two-part title. I’m the “Video” part of it, and the guy who walks up and loudly asks if I have permission to be filming during the concert, while I’m filming the concert, is the “Fucko” part of it.

No shit, asshole! I’m running two cameras – one on a tripod, one shoulder-held, complete with XLR and wireless mics, and I’ve been there for two hours already, in plain-view, and now you’re wondering if I have permission to be shooting this concert?! Thanks for not thinking about it before you walked up and asked that question right into the fucking microphone that was capturing room audio. I really appreciate it. For that, ye shall be dubbed “Fucko.”

I was shooting – or at least trying to shoot – some footage to make a quick web video for the lovely songstress and dear friend of mine, Laura Marie, at Sam’s Burger Joint earlier tonight. Despite the efforts of a certain staff member, the shoot actually went very well. I got some great footage of Laura as well as a visiting Australian group called Hussy Hicks. Good stuff by excellent songwriters. Good, good stuff. I’m going to send them a web video also.

How about a photo?

Elvis in the Building
[Leica M6 TTL; Leitz Summicron-C 40/2; Ilford HP5+]
This is Elvis the Bird, and his master, at the Broadway 5050 in San Antonio. They walked in while I was lunching with Mr. Greenberg, and I just had to make a photo. Cute, eh?

Enough for now… I have to finish capturing this video…



~ by peakaction on August 3, 2006.

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