Leica M8 at Photokina… Come On Already!

Hurry up already! I’ve been sitting here hitting “refresh” all damned day, but there isn’t any Photokina Leica news popping up on DP Review’s Photokina update page. I feel like that woman I saw at a traffic light yesterday, banging on the crosswalk button in a frenzy, trying to make it change faster. I wanted to roll down my window and let her know that it wasn’t going to work, but I figured that if she would go with that plan in the first place then she probably wouldn’t understand why the lights would be biased to get rush hour traffic through the intersection instead of getting the one pedestrian to her bus stop.

Anywho… I want my Leica M8 information. I’m sick of this non-updatedness not coming from Photokina. Knock off all that evil and give me what I want!

Speaking of Leicas, my M6 seems to be in need of professional attention. I took a photo of a girl sitting in a cafe a couple days ago, and although I was at f/1.5, I know I had her dead-to-rights in focus. When I got the chromes back, the focal point was about five feet closer to the camera than where I had focused using the rangefinder. Something is amiss. She wasn’t moving at all, and neither was I. Something’s been up for a while now – that’s why I haven’t been using the M much as of late. *sigh*

My new [old] Canon FL 19/3.5 arrived in the mail today. It’s lovely. I bought it for use on my Redrock Micro 35 cine adapter, but what the hell, it will work on my F-1N too. I’m all about the dual-purpose spending. Does that mean I can write it off twice? Probably not.

Erm, what else? Oh yeah. I was whizzing through an intersection over the weekend and saw this poor fucker standing at a signal near the airport. I grabbed the F-1 out of my passenger seat, zone-focused, and snapped this shot as I drove past. You gotta love his determination. I call this image “Futility.”
War Protestor
War protestor on a street corner in San Antonio
Photo by Darren Abate using a Canon F-1N through a Canon FL 50/1.4 II lens

I caugt this little spy while I was waiting for a table at Chuy’s. I love always having a camera with me.

The Little Spy
Photo by Darren Abate using a Canon F-1N through a Canon FL 50/1.4 II lens, with Fuji NPH film pushed one stop. Av f/1.4.
I shot the next few frames at a cast party in Austin over the weekend. All images shot with the F-1N and 50/1.4 II, on Fuji NPH +1,Av f/1.4.
Girls on Couch

Amberin Cross


Okay, I will now go back to mashing the button. More later…



~ by peakaction on August 22, 2006.

5 Responses to “Leica M8 at Photokina… Come On Already!”

  1. As a journalist, I have been presented the M8 last week in Paris/France. The embargo is until the 15th of september. Nevertheless I can tell you M8 is a real M, except… it is digital. The body is a little thicker than my M4 (I took it with me to compare) but everything else is “M style”. The rangefinder, the body, the make, the baionet mount, all are the kind we like on a RF Leica. Of course the noise is different as the shutter is metal and vertical (speeds up to 1/4000, flash synch 1/250). You have to multipliy the focal length by 1,33 and Leica presented also a new Elmarit 28/2,8 as small as a 35 mm (from which it gets the angle if you use it on the M8, but you can mount it on a M7 or MP etc.).
    The camera is priced at 4300 euros and the new 28 is 1300 euros. Talking about pixels, we are here at a bit more than 10 millions.
    There is a alrge screen at the back and of course you cannot aim through it, just the classical viewfinder/rangefinder is usable.
    The lever is the most significant part missing, and your right thumb might get disoriented.
    Noise is acceptable, but nothing to do wit my M4 at 1/30. Delay is restricted to the minimum, but Leica people told us it is slightly longer (some milliseconds)than the average Leica M.
    Handling makes you feel one day you will switch to a digital M as the main reason you use an M is for discretion, light weight and, top of all, composing your image through a finder no maker ever built better. Still, the tolerance of the digital image sensor (about the same of a slide film) cannot be compared to the comfort (-2/+3) we enjoy with b&w or color negatives. With the price (4300 euros for the M8 body only) this is the main personal debate to buy or not to buy a digital M.

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  3. Even though I don’t quite agree with the title for the Futility foto, I find the model pictures to be rather entertaining view of the American materialism a la Richard Prince. Good satire on Paris Hilton. I dig.

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  5. Interesting comments.. 😀

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