Vote, dammit.

It sure is time for a change. A huge one.

I shot a Democratic stump rally today. I must say, most of the candidates had a lot of good things to say. But what’s more, most of them seemed to be genuine people even when they weren’t giving a speech. I think that was because only a couple of them were lawyers. Heh.

The candidate for Railroad Commisioner was my favorite. Any guy who will openly call his opponent a prick during his speech has my vote any day. I’m not making that up. The incumbents in DC weren’t spared either.

I wouldn’t mind having a Wing-Lynch machine in the garage for running C-41 on the weekends. I bet I could pick one up cheap now. I shot a bunch of film that will have to wait until Monday, but here’s a digital shot for now.

F. Head

For some reason, I like shooting political stuff.

Chat transcipt of the night:

Alex: I’m catching up. No meetings tonight. First time in a week.
Me: I’m in a bear suit.
Alex: You are shitting me.


~ by peakaction on August 27, 2006.

One Response to “Vote, dammit.”

  1. I think you mean the Agricultural Commisioner candidate, Hank Gilbert. Dale Henry is the Railroad Commisioner candidate and he actually spoke about an hour before you arrived. So you know, some of the candidates and people who organized the event came up to me and wanted to say thanks for the professional work you did. Good job.

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