All this political crap

This was originally supposed to be a reply to a comment made on my deviantART page, but after the second paragraph, I figured I should just make it a blog entry instead.

I originally made the comment, “I don’t think the rest of the people on the planet realize that most Americans hate [Bush] just as mush as they do,” to which Cascianca replied, “I think people on the planet don’t realise that because he’s still there. He was voted back in.”

The following spew is what became my reply.


One would think that, but there is much data that proves otherwise. Credible evidence suggests both elections were in fact “stolen” (yes, I know a lot of people voted for him anyway, but I can’t change that fact, sad though it makes me. By “stolen” I mean that they illegally tipped the scales in their favor to seal the election). There was a lot of fuckery going on in Florida during the first election (remember, Bush’s brother is governor of Florida), and in Ohio the second election. Several hundred thousand votes were completely “lost,” among other things.*

Photo by Darren Abate
Canon F-1N; Canon FL 19/3.5 R

If there is one thing that most Americans (and by “most” I mean “average” people – the ones you never hear about. The ones who never speak but but make up the great mass of the population. The core of the herd. The Great Unwashed. The Silent Majority.) are, it’s gullible. Every time world events start to calm down enough for the general population to start thinking, “Hey, wait a minute. That guy has broken a shitload of international and domestic laws. His cabinet is corrupt, and they’re waging a private war with public lives simply to line their own pockets,” then the Republicans pull a collection of distractions out of their hat. Terrorists! Gay marriage! Immigration! Mostly made-up and/or inflated “problems” intended to divide public opinion and divert the herd’s attention away from all the crap that really matters to us and the rest of the world.

It would be a mistake to think that it’s all Bush who’s formulating the grand scheme and making all the decisions. He’s not even the one who’s profiting most from Washington’s fuckery. No, what we, the world, are witnessing, is a conspiracy of absolutely gigantic proportion. The roots of this criminal plan go so deep, there is no way we will ever know the whole truth. There are a lot of people getting rich off of the war alone. Bush is merely a puppet, with a lot of hands up his ass. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure he’s making a tidy sum as well.

Here’s the really weird part (one of thousands of really weird parts to the story) : I know some people who know and have spent time with President Bush on a personal level. Photographers, family friends, and the like, who have been around him in both a professional and a personal environment. And the opinion of all these people – and this is really creepy – is that when he is not playing president, he is actually a decent guy. He’s intelligent and very personable, and seems actually to have a decent amount of common sense. Knowing this, and also knowing what kind of a fucking moron he is on the World Stage, I can come to only one conclusion:

He’s a replicant.

Bush is a replicant with a job to do, and he must complete his mission no matter the cost.

Seriously, that’s the only thing that makes sense!

*Please, God, let me truly believe this, for it is the only thing that’s keeping me from considering it “proven” that people are generally hairless apes who really do deserve what they get.


~ by peakaction on August 29, 2006.

3 Responses to “All this political crap”

  1. either that or bush and blair are those 2 aliens from the simpsons, kang and kodos,

  2. Okay so frst off just a general comment to all the liberals out there.. myself include, as i am a liberal.

    BUSH WON THE ELECTION. Yeah, I’ve seen the documentaries and heard the news reports. Perhaps he did not win by majority, or have more votes, or even legally win the fucking election, but WHO IS IN THE WHITE HOUSE RIGHT NOW? It’s not Al Gore. is it? If Al Gore won then why is he not in the fucking White House? “Winning” being the word of argument here.

    All of us liberals spend too much time complaining about how shitty the republicans are, while they are off raping our women and stealing our white houses. Anyway..

    As for your thoughts about Bush on a personal level. Yeah. I agree 100% with your friends even though I have not met the guy. How is this so weird to see? Just because you disagree with his beliefs? I mean, yeah, he’s done some stupid shit but who hasn’t? He’s not the best public speaker but at he’s got confidence behind his blunders. Bush is an intelligent, likeable, charismatic guy. To the extreme… Why do you think he is the president? Not anybody can pull off that feat. Sure he obviously does not appeal to a lot of people, myself included, but at the same time he does appeal to a lot of people people.

    I hate to say it, but I think Bush is a fairly good representation of the kind of guy Americans like to see in charge. Yeah I’m from the midwest so I may just see more of these sorts of people. At least I’m not in a red state for Christ’s sake…

    It all comes down to the point you made about Bush and his posse being super smart about putting America’s attention right where they want it… On things other than how they are fucking up this country and raping our women and stealing our white houses.

    I hate to say it but props to them for being so savvy. It’s how the game is played, unfortunately. Always has been. The winners get what they want and the losers are forgotten. Bush and his gang are all horrible people who will probably get away with way too much in their lives. I only wish I could say the same about the Democrats. We’ll see what happens in the coming election. Should be interesting.

    Sorry I got so excited about this!

  3. I am with Clayton on this. I am not a liberal, but am a fiscal and military conservative with liberal views on social and environmental issues. I tend to vote for Republicans, but my favorite presidents are Kennedy and Truman… So I truly consider myself a centrist.

    To the author, I appreciate your anger, as liberals always whine about being screwed and refuse to offer up true solutions (think John Kerry’s comments during the debates about how he would set up sit-downs with our enemies and reach compromises, as if Osama bin Laden or that nut in Iran are open to discussing middle-grounds), but you don’t offer any facts… You say that Bush is a hand puppet. Why? Who is running the country? Who is the puppeteer? You also discuss a major conspiracy. This is another thing I am open to learning more about, as I am a conspiracy theorist (I don’t believe Oswald acted alone, and I have serious questions about the supposed moon landing). What is your proof? That Bush won a close election and you and your friends don’t like him? If that is your proof, then there are many elections that we can discount.

    I don’t know where you are located, but I am going to guess you are either on the coasts, or in Chicago or one of the other inland large cities. What urban/coastal liberals refuse to recognize is that they are the minority, and a shrinking one at that. When a party’s whole set of ideals and policies are based on calling the other party names, you can’t be a viable option.

    I do not like Bush. I don’t think he thinks ahead, I think he is brash, impulsive, and I feel that he is an addict (he replaced his addiction for drugs and alcohol with an addiction to religion, which makes him see everything as black and white with no grey area, which is a dangerous quality in a president. He sees everyone as either good or evil, with no in between). But, I also think he is honest and truly believes in the things he is doing. I think there will be far better presidents and far worse. If you can offer proof of any of the broad accusations you made, I would be glad to hear them.

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