All things in perspective

I have quite a weekend ahead of me. There is a possible assignment for the Houston Chronicle tomorrow evening, a stock request from an east coast agency that I have to shoot, a DVD portfolio that needs to be assembled for a new client, and all the while I have to start gathering my wits for the start of priniciple photography next week for a film I’m working on.

That’s only the pro stuff; I also have a lot of personal crap on my mind, but tonight it was all shoved aside when one of my very best mates, Ed, IM’d me and told me that his mom is going to need a kidney transplant, and next week he is going to be tested as a possible donor. Suddenly everything else can sod off.

Ever since high school, Margaret has been like a second mom to me. I even call her “Ma.” I know the whole family. They know me. I’m at home with them. I don’t like to hear crap like this about people I love. But, who does?

Mer. I hope the weekend gets better from here. At least last week’s production meeting was full of surprises:

Teriyaki Surprise


~ by peakaction on September 2, 2006.

2 Responses to “All things in perspective”

  1. best to your mate’s mom!

  2. Nice photo.

    Hope your mates mum gets better.

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