Yes, it’s film.

I forgot to mention… The funny part of the night.

While covering the Phoenix Coyotes game, between periods down in the media tunnel, I ran into a colleague (cool guy) who was stringing for the local daily. We’re both bristling with modern digital gear, and he looks down, sees the 135/2 on the F-1N, poking out of the glass jungle hanging off my shoulder, and says, to the tune of disbelief,

“Are you shooting film?!”

“Yeah, I always have a roll on me somewhere.”

(I carry them in my many pockets, like so much candy.)


~ by peakaction on September 24, 2006.

5 Responses to “Yes, it’s film.”

  1. sweet candyman.

  2. i get that as well.

    but … you know that.

  3. gasp. People are so ignorant sometimes.
    Although im still a digital whore. Only due to my tight ass budget

  4. Love it man, work with digital, play with film.

    Film cameras are so much more fun!

  5. right on, right on! film forever!

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