Sick and… sick.

I woke up this morning to the sound of my own coughs echoing off of the bedroom wall. And to think I doubted that Venda was contagious.

I decided yesterday that it was time to leave the cottage in Austin, where some of the production staff has been staying, and come back to San Antonio. So I and my fever got out of bed and packed up our gear. It was a lot of gear, too. I had moved my entire workstation up to Austin from my studio, as well as all of my photo and video gear, including lights and stands. Add to my crap all of Venda’s crap, and my car has never ridden so low. I’m surprised it wasn’t scraping bottom.

While I was loading the car, Venda and Amber came back from their stunt class, where they were interviewed for a local entertainment show. I would have been more excited had I not been so dizzy.

I finished loading the car with just enough time to stop at Freebird’s on the way out of town and grab a couple of burritos. Love that place.

I dropped off my gear at the house in SA, and then hauled ass down to the AT&T Center to shoot one of SA’s players on the ice for the cover of the new team program. At least it was an easy shoot. I just brought the 300/2.8 and ran off some frames of Bryan Helmer hauling ass up the ice and taking some slapshots into the boards. Then I went back home and Venda and I ate too much pizza. I’ve been on the computer since. That’s pretty much the entire night, in a nut.

Bryan Helmer


~ by peakaction on September 30, 2006.

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