Leica eats Sinar

I’ve been meaning to write about this for several days, but I’m only just now finding the time to sit down and rest for more than five minutes.

Leica has apparently, and quite unexpectedly (at least to me), acquired a controlling 51% stake in Sinar AG from Jenoptik. This is some pretty big news, especially when one considers what this means for the future of Leica’s digital department. I wonder what new and exciting developments will be coming down the pipe for us Leica fanatics.

Sinar has long-been a leading name in large format camera systems, and in recent years, also a powerhouse in digital camera back development. And, well, we all know how much ass Leica kicks. You can be sure that any products developed under the umbrella of this collaboration will be of the highest precision and quality… And price.

A Sinar P3 view camera with 33-megapixel one-shot digital back and Leica glass? Yes, sign me up for that, please. I’ll take two (mortgages).

Something tells me the Digital Modul R is about to get a tech colonic. I’m crossing my fingers for a full-frame sensor, as if I could actually afford it anyway.

Dear Santa…


~ by peakaction on October 8, 2006.

3 Responses to “Leica eats Sinar”

  1. dear santa…

    some more mortgages along with the first 2.


  2. Leica’s purchase of a controlling interest in Sinar is a good thing …maybe Leica Camera will get into the medium & large format field. I always wondered why they kept their photo offerings at the 35 mm level since Leica’s Geosystems group has been a big player in 9″x9″ aerial photography since their purchase of the Swiss firms Wild and Kern over the last two decades. Also, this group produces world-class digital stuff.

  3. Yes, I agree. I certainly hope that Leica is planning in expanding its digital line to include at least medium format. I would love to get my hands on a 645 digital rangefinder! Yum.

    But that’s just a pipe dream I’ve been harping about lately (*ahem* Mamiya 7D *ahem*).

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