The Great Resetting of Texas

I voted today.

Well, I did other stuff too, but in addition, I voted. This morning I shot a Democratic rally on the Southside of San Antonio, and then this evening I shot a hockey game. Photos of said assignments shall be interspersed throughout this entry.

Oh look, here’s one now… My favorite shot of the day.

Election Time
Election Time
Photo by Darren Abate
Canon EOS-1D Mark II; Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS

I love to vote, but I must admit that until today, I have always felt like I wasn’t doing anything too important when I walked into the booth. Today, though, I think I made some sort of difference. At least that’s what I’m letting myself believe. We’ll see if my power comes to fruition the evening of Nov. 7th.

Judge Barbara Nellermoe
Judge Barbara Nellermoe
Photo by Darren Abate
Canon EOS-1D Mark II; Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS

Kids after the hockey game
Photo by Darren Abate
Canon EOS-1D-Mark II; Canon EF 17-40/4L

Early voting goes until Nov. 3rd, with election day being the 7th. Concerning the race for governor of Texas, I was up in the air about whether I should go with my rebellious tendencies and vote for Kinky Friedman, or go with my responsible side and vote for Democratic candidate Chris Bell, who stands a better chance of unseating the Bozo we have in office now. Even upon entering the poll station, I wasn’t sure about it. The one thing I was sure about, however, was the fact that I was not going to vote for incumbent Rick Perry, an absolute failure to the state and its people, and former lapdog to then-governor W.

In the end, I voted for Bell. No matter how much I dig Kinky, I stand by my decision because the big picture is what’s important, and ousting the crooked Republican regime is an absolute must. In addition, as a father and a man who is desperately trying to make some sort of a decent living as an artist (low earner), public health care and insurance guarantees for children are very important to me. These issues are obviously very high on Bell’s platform, as is the issue of stem cell research. I believe that a governor who fights strongly for these issues will do a good job at leading Texas back into the direction in which it needs to go, and that is on a path to taking care of its people first.

Former governor Anne Richards died recently. She was a symbol of Texas during a great time. Since her term as governor, we have slipped into a dark place under Republican leadership. Public education, health care, poverty… It’s all spiraled out of control under the Republican leadership since Anne left office.

Here’s to Chris Bell. May he come to office with the intentions of preserving the ethics of Anne and helping Texas return to the mighty blue state it used to be.


~ by peakaction on October 29, 2006.

One Response to “The Great Resetting of Texas”

  1. What polls are you looking at? From what I have seen they have been way off from the exit polls. After watching this year, and last, I do NOT look at polls anymore. It’s a crap shot, and it seems that the polls only reflect what they determine to be “likely voters”… which in some cases have been 500 of 1000 polled.

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