Photogs please watch for scammers!

Fellow shooters,

This is just a public service announcement, from me to you, reminding you to be wary of scammers out there on the intarweb.

My recently reignited outrage at these vicious punks comes from a brief conversation I had today with someone selling a Mamiya 7 II on eBay. I had noticed that this camera, which I had seen as sold the day before, had been relisted. Out of curiosity, I sent the seller an e-mail asking if it was the same camera, and just how many of these did she have? I thought it might have been a scam auction, but it was the other way around.
She replied, telling me that yes, it was the same camera, which she relisted due to the fact that the winning bidder seemed too suspicious to deal with. It turned out that indeed it was a PayPal scam, and had she gone through with it, she would have been duped out of US$1600.00 and her Mamiya 7 II/lens combo.

A lot of you are undoubtedly saying, “Well, no shit, Darren, scammers are everywhere, especially on eBay.” I know, I know, but I think we all need to be reminded now and again to watch our asses. Even I, an admitted paranoid freak, got scammed out of 1800.00 a couple years ago by someone who had gone to great lengths to engineer a damned convincing con. Of course, I reported them to the FBI, who promptly did absolutely nothing about it.

But that’s okay. I traced the domain name back to the Florida woman who registered it. I still have her info written down somewhere. Maybe the next time I’m in Florida…I’ll give her a ring.

The sad thing is, after some extensive digging, I came to believe that she’s either married to a cop, or in some way affiliated with a cop. So you can see why I’ve hesitated to do anything about it. It’s probably wiser to focus my energy on battles that I can actually win, and chalk my loss up to some grand lesson in life and business.



~ by peakaction on December 4, 2006.

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