Just another sucka with a camera

That’s all I am. In fact, it’s all you are, it’s all anyone is. Just another sucka with a camera.

Until you push the button at just the right time. Because if you push it then – at the right time – then all your dreams seem to come true for a brief moment. Because you know you got it.

I love it when I’m lucky enough to capture a good moment.

Matthew Spiller
The buck stops with San Antonio defenseman Matthew Spiller.
Photo © DarrenAbate.com
[Canon EOS-1D Mark I; Canon EF 300mm f/2.8 L IS]

My girlfriend and son wanted to come to tonight’s game, so I got some tickets for them. Every once in a while I like to prove to my boy, who is nearly eleven, that his dad is still cool. Heh.

I wish I had picked a better night. Tonight’s game was a sad display of dashed hopes and soft goals. David LeNeveu let in two goals that should not have been, and even though SA rallied with two last-minute – literally – goals, Chicago had luck on their side and kept scoring, their last goal with a mere nine seconds left in the game, to regift them with the lead.

I’m used to the Rampage losing, but it sucks when they lose when they deserved to win. I also hate it when they lose when V. and Will are in attendance. A win just makes a better drive home for everyone, you know?

David LeNeveu vs. Chicago
San Antonio’s David LeNeveu gets lit-up by Chicago’s Kevin Doell.
Photo © DarrenAbate.com
[Canon EOS-1D Mark II; Canon EF 300mm f/2.8 L IS]

My assistant, Emily, did quite well at the game tonight with her new camera and lens. Up until now, she had been using my backup 20D and 70-200/2.8L IS. Last week she came by the studio so we could order her some gear from KEH. She picked up a 20D body and Canon EF 80-200/2.8L for not too bad of a price. I love KEH. they always under-rate their gear, and they are true sports about returning equipment if it doesn’t work out for you. Plus, their prices are as fair as they come.

Emily at Ruta Maya Coffee
Sitting at Ruta Maya coffee for lunch, ordering photo gear from KEH.
Photo © Mark Greenberg
[Mamiya 6 75/3.5]

Emily is still very green when it comes to the technical stuff, but she’s learning. She has a natural eye, however, and that’s more important than the tech stuff, which can be learned by anyone.

I guess I’m off to bed now. Lots to catch up on tomorrow.



~ by peakaction on December 22, 2006.

One Response to “Just another sucka with a camera”

  1. I wanna come play. I love the last photo, it makes me miss you so much. I can’t take pictures worth a shit but I have a powerbook, can I join your club?

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