Some Street to break up the Hockey

I know that you guys – I’m up to six readers now – might be getting tired of all the hockey images I’ve been throwing up lately, so here are some street shots from last night.

V. and I took the boy to eat Downtown, on the Riverwalk, and of course I had my Leica with me. Seriously, why wouldn’t I have it with me?!

But first, a photo of some old couple trying real hard to decide what to order at Florio’s Pizza in San Antonio (real Jersey pies!).

(All photos shot with Leica M6 TTL using a Voigtländer Nokton 50/1.5 ASPH. First photo is with Ilford XP2 Super; rest with Ilford HP5+ +2 stops)

Pizza Couple

Hey, I liked the scene. I set the Leica down on the bar and took a guess. I love it when I get it right.

Street Vendor

Will and Venda stop at a street vendor to check out the merch.


V. at night.

Firestarter Girl

The girl sitting behind V. was obviously very bored. She was there when we arrived at the restaurant and she was there when we left. I think she was waiting for her mom or dad to get off work at the restaurant. She just sat and ate fries, texted people on her phone, and even took a little digi out of her purse and snapped a photo of the people behind her. Her boredome got the better of her though, because she actually set the table on fire while she was playing with the candle. She hurriedly put it out and tried to act like nothing had happened, but I had already made a photo. I got her as she was setting flame to napkin, lol.

Riverwalk Scene

Walking along the Riverwalk.


Mariachis serenade diners along the Riverwalk.

Happy Guy

This guy was really into the mariachis.

Walk back

Walking to the car.

Venda with the lights

V. plays with the Christmas lights as she waits for me to hang them. Note my reclined feet, which indicate my desire to remain seated.


~ by peakaction on December 24, 2006.

3 Responses to “Some Street to break up the Hockey”

  1. Wow that Nokton is a very nice lens for the money aint it!!
    Nice shots man.
    Happy holidays from a fantastically cold ireland.

  2. I don’t know how, but I’ve found your blog… Reader no 7 :o)

  3. Oo, fresh meat!

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