Crackheads! Crackheads!

Today, outside of my studio, which, admittedly, is in the ghetto, some cracked-up chick ran up onto the hood of someone’s car and kicked in the windshield, for no apparent reason. This was right after she had run into the roofing warehouse next door and yelled at the forklift drivers to give her money. When they wouldn’t she started throwing rocks and sticks at them, and then ran away. I could hear her and the dudes yelling back and forth from inside my studio.

It was funny as hell.

So, the cops came, arrested her, blah blah blah. I took photos of the whole thing. And, that’s when I discovered that, by default, a Canon 20D will dry fire, with no CF card in it! So, even though I took photos, there are none, because I forgot to load the damned camera. Yes, it can happen to anyone.

BTW, I forgot to post this sequence from the Alamo Bowl. Was anyone watching? I was the guy running from Limas Sweed:

Close Call
A textbook illustration of a close call.
Photo © Darren Abate
Canon EOS-20D; Canon EF 24-70/2.8 L

My dad remarked that he looked for me on TV (as my folks do when I shoot televised events) but couldn’t find me, and then right after that he asked me if I saw Limas Sweed go out of the endzone and fall. I told him that if he saw that, then he saw me, because Sweed came right at me.

I’ve convinced Venda to let me get my favorite, beef matsaman, from Thai Chili, tonight. She is not always in the mood for it, so I need to get out of here so I can pick it up on the way home. I feel like little Ralph when he opened up his Red Ryder BB gun on Christmas morning.



~ by peakaction on January 3, 2007.

3 Responses to “Crackheads! Crackheads!”

  1. There is a setting for that CF card thing in the menu. 😀

    BTW… are there special places for photogs at the hockey rink… or do you just shoot through the glass in the corner?

  2. There used to be photo ports in the corners, but they both got broken last season, and the rink admin refuses to cut new holes for me. I’ve been trying for months to get them to do it, but no dice. I usually shoot one period through the glass, and the other two periods from the upper deck, or sometimes the catwalk.

  3. Nice! Gotta love those close calls…Even if your parents miss them on TV. Ha!

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