ImagingUSA This Weekend

The ImagingUSA convention kicks off this weekend in San Antonio, and yours truly will be making a beeline for the Leica booth as soon as the doors open.

My good friends from Photo Express will have a booth (#1172). I advise everyone to make a stop there, as they are providing some of the best remote printing and drop shipment options out there. No matter where you are in the world, they can get your shit printed and delivered for you.

Okay, that was a pretty shameless plug, but they deserve it.

You can bet I will also be making frequent stops in at the Adobe booth, as well as B&H, Canon (give me a 50/1.2L!), Mamiya (gonna gripe for a digital 645 rangefinder!), and ThinkTank (swag? please? my Tamrac crap is falling apart).

Oops, I just realized the time. I need to get to the game. Speaking of, here’s one from the last game:

Point Blank
Point Blank
©Darren Abate
[Canon EOS-1D Mark II; Canon EF 300/2.8 L IS]


~ by peakaction on January 13, 2007.

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