Feedburner? Oh, okay.

Let me start off by saying that I am not technologically ignorant – I am simply very, very busy (I’m a working photographer, not a hobbyist). This is why I am just now getting around to promoting das Blog via my RSS feed, with FeedBurner.

See the little orange chicklet at upper right? If you enjoy reading my thoughts and looking at my photos – and come on now, who doesn’t – click it and be merry. Right now the little counter underneath it reads “zero”, and that’s effin’ pathetic, even though I only just now activated my feedburner account. Like, three minutes ago. Yes, I’m lagging behind the rest of you. Wanna fight about it?

Whoa, now. Let’s not start trouble.

Speaking of trouble, check this out:

Mamiya 7 II

I picked up a Mamiya 7 II 6×7 rangefinder. Let’s see how much trouble I can get into with this beast. It was graciously paid for by the sale of my Hasselblad 500 EL/M kit.

Sorry, Hassie fans, but I just love a rangefinder, and I could never get into the feel of a Hasselblad body. It felt like I was trying to balance a refrigerator in my hands, which is hard to do while you’re also trying to be creative and graceful. The Mamiya 7 II may be big – no, it is big – but it’s very well-balanced and quiet as hell. It probably matches my Leica on stealth capabilities, aside from its girth. It has a leaf shutter with a very tiny voice, and the film advance is nearly silent. It’s a Leica on steroids, as Mark likes to say. I can’t wait to get the first test roll back from the lab.

Of course, you all (all “zero” of you) will be the first to see.


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~ by peakaction on February 16, 2007.

5 Responses to “Feedburner? Oh, okay.”

  1. Dude, I’ve been getting your blog on my desktop for weeks now, thanks to NewsFire and RSS. If it says zero, it’s lying!

  2. The trick is that you have to subscribe through the FeedBurner link, not the autodiscover RSS link that is default on the WordPress page. So, everyone who has subscribed, all seven of you, I think, has to do it again with the link at upper right. 😉

  3. No, we can still subscribe via any RSS link we like (personally, I’ve always read you on your LJ syndicated feed), but you need to get your Feedburner Feed Replacement up and running. There will always be people who will read via your non-FB feed, for whatever reason (personal preference or too lazy to switch), so you want to make sure all that traffic is forwarded to FB to be counted. Once you install it you’ll see your traffic shoot up, because now everyone is being counted. Then you don’t have to worry about who is subscribed which way, because it all gets sent to FB regardless of which feed it was read from.

  4. add one more. I subscribed through my bloglines account.

  5. well, if it makes you happy, i’ll switch from the wordpress rss to feedburner. doesn’t wordpress offer any stats for their feed?

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