First Rolls from the Mamiya 7 II

I got my first rolls from the new Mamiya 7 II back from the lab today, and I have to say that I love this freakin’ camera. The image quality is fabulous. The only complaint I have is that the meter requires a lot of second guessing, and it isn’t as center-weighted as I’d like it to be. It would help if it were TTL, but it isn’t.  That just means that it will keep me disciplined. I’ll go ahead and view that as a good thing.

Here are a couple shots:

Venda in the grass
Venda playing in the grass, at my request.
[Mamiya 7 II; Mamiya 80/4 L; Kodak 400NC]

[Mamiya 7 II; Mamiya 80/4 L; Ilford HP5+ +2]

This image was taken during the baptism of my friend Rob’s twin daughters. It illustrates what I mean about the meter. I metered the scene as I would have done so with my Leica, which was a mistake with the Mamiya – the bright window in the background screwed it (I had to bring out the foreground a lot). Even though it has a much more centerweighted meter than the Mamiya 6, it’s no comparison to my Leica M6 – it would have worked around the window a lot better, thanks to its TTL metering. Now I know how to second guess the Mamiya, though. The test roll served is purpose.

Now to find some more stuff to shoot. More to come.


~ by peakaction on February 20, 2007.

7 Responses to “First Rolls from the Mamiya 7 II”

  1. I hope you get to take alot of saucy pics of Venda.

  2. She lives with me, so the opportunity is definitely there!

  3. Nice images … I envy your choice of camera. Let’s face it, there are many situatons where rangefinders are superior to reflex.

  4. I love a rangefinder. They just feel more natural to me, and the focus is so much more accurate, IMO.

  5. your test roll turned out so interesting!!

  6. nice.. the result and the camera of course…

  7. Hi,

    as it is a couple years since you shot these, do you still have the Mamiya? and do you still use it? I am thinking of buying one, I am one of those who still like to use film.

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