Canon Announces EOS-1D Mark III

Canon EOS-1D Mark IIII got word today that Canon has announced their newest upgrade to the EOS-1 line, the EOS-1D Mark III. I first heard about it through, and further investigation on my part has me extremely psyched about the new beast.

My current digital bodies are one EOS-1D Mark II and one EOS 20D. At first I considered selling off the 20D in favor of getting a Mark III for the main and using the Mark II as a backup, but I think instead I will keep them both and sell my blood for a Mark III. I may be jumping the gun a little, but they way I see it, the new machine is the one to have. You can’t beat what’s on this whitepaper. 10MP at 10 FPS?! Comen on… It’s a sports shooter’s wet dream come true.

It turns out the all of the beefs I have with my Mark II seem to have been addressed by Canon. In other words, I can’t wait to get my hands on one of the new Mark IIIs. Check out these stats, as quoted from the Canon EOS-1D Mark III whitepaper:

• World’s fastest AF DSLR with approximately 10 fps continuous shooting in One-Shot AF or AI Servo AF

• Maximum burst (JPEG Large, compression level 8) approximately 110 shots; RAW, approximately 30 shots (based on Canon’s testing standards)

• Dual DIGIC III Image Processors for fine detail, natural color reproduction and high-speed performance
• ISO 100-3200 with ISO speed extension, L= 50, H = 6400
• 14-bit A/D conversion for fine gradation
• Live View in camera and remote, wired and wireless
• New 45-point Area AF sensor with 19 high-precision, cross-type points (f/2.8 compatible), 26 standard-precision AssistAF points
• New AF point selection methods
• AF micro-adjustment (fine adjustment of AF point of focus)
• Adjustable operation characteristics for AFpoint selection, shutter release priority and focus-tracking sensitivity with AI Servo AF
• New methods of AF point expansion during manual AF point selection
• New 10.1-megapixel CMOSsensor, APS-H size
• Improved microlens array and pixel fill factor plus optimized photodiode structure to increase light-reception efficiency
• Professional EOS Integrated Cleaning System with Self-Cleaning Sensor Unit, Dust Delete Data acquisition
• RAW, sRAW (new SmallRAW), RAW+JPEG, sRAW+JPEG, JPEG+JPEG simultaneous recording
• Increased shutter durability of approximately 300,000 cycles
• Large and bright 3.0-inch LCD monitor with 230,000 pixels and wide viewing angle
• Five custom WB settings
• Selectable noise reduction for high ISO images, 50% less shadow noise for all images
• Selectable Highlight Tone Priority
• High-speed shutter with 1/8000 sec. maximum speed and high-speed X-sync at 1/300 sec. with EX Speedlites
• Startup time approx. 0.2 sec.
• Shutter release time lag approx. 55 ms. (approximately 40 ms. at maximum aperture with C. Fn IV-13-1) and viewfinder blackout time 80 ms. at 1/250 or higher
• Compatible with SDHC (SD High-Capacity) memory cards as well as high capacity CF cards
• Compatible with USB 2.0 Hi-Speed image transfer
• Faster writing to memory card
• High-magnification, wide-coverage viewfinder and improved focusing screen with 100% finder coverage
• 63-zone metering sensor for more stable exposure control with ambient light and flash

• High-capacity, lightweight and compact lithium-ion battery with estimated battery life display
• Enhanced recording options include automatic switching ofrecording media, separate recordings to media and identical recordings to multiple media
• Silent mode for single images
• Image copying and backup to external media enabled
• ISO speed safety shift
• ISO speed and metering pattern always displayed in viewfinder and on top LCD data panel
• New control layout with SET button, AF On button and Multi-Controller
• Displayable camera settings and better image information during playback
• Histogram display, jump display, error code display, and shooting settings display
• Chassis, mirror box, and exterior covers made ofmagnesium alloy
• Maintains water resistance with new 580EX II Speedlite
• Personal Functions consolidated with Custom Functions, resulting in 57 Custom
Functions in 4 groups
• Custom Function settings can be registered and called up
• Camera settings can be saved and read
• Camera’s basic settings can be registered and applied
• New “MyMenu” function can be registered and displayed at startup
• Camera direct printing (PictBridge) improved and DPOF print ordering provided
• Direct printing of RAW and sRAW images
• Direct image transfer
• Wireless/wired LAN for image transfers via new WFT-E2A dedicated Wireless File Transmitter
• External USB recording media and GPS unit usable via the WFT-E2A
• Verification data can be generated, encrypted and appended to the image with new Original Data Security Kit OSK-E3
• Compatible with original image verification system
• Speedlite Custom Functions settable with the camera when the 580EXII Speedlite is attached
• New software package includes Digital Photo Professional 3.0 and EOS Utility 2.0
• New EF16–35mm f/2.8L II USM lensfeatures improved peripheral image quality

Rob Galbraith’s site is hosting, with permission from Canon, the entire 63-page whitepaper on the new EOS-1D Mark III. Hop over there to check it out in detail.


~ by peakaction on February 22, 2007.

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