On the way to NAB

There is something about airports that compels me to write. I’m penning this as I sit at Gate 33, at San Antonio International, waiting to board my flight to Vegas.

I’m not sure what it is; maybe it’s the forced attention paid to so many people’s lives at once that sends my mind into some inquisitive state, making me want to pay attention to everyone around me. I want to know their stories, and wonder where they’re going.

We’re all going somewhere, but only at airports do you find so many people all going somewhere at the same time, and thanks to the diligent folks in homeland security, they are all cranky.

I don’t fly often, but at least this time I wised up and wore sandals through the security line instead of the hook and loop hiking boots that made me so angry the last time I had to partially disrobe in public, feeling awkward, the same way a grade-school student feels when he has to drop his pants so the school nurse can look at his skinned knee. Hey, look at me! I’m standing in my socks, and now I have to take off my belt as well!

Airport security could potentially be the exhibitionist’s wet dream. Hell, if you like to put on a show AND have a ring in your cock, and you have never taken a commercial flight, get off your ass and down to the airport. I’m sure the ever-diligent TSA screeners will show no mercy as they make you drop trou and free Prince Albert.

I’m not trying to pee all over the airport security peeps, but let’s be honest and admit that any high school student with a slight gift for logistics could design a better-flowing system than what is in place now.

Oops, i accidentally brought my BIG bottle of saline solution, so now I have to check my bag so the TSA can go through my shit. I should have hidden a dog turd in one of my shoes; there was a fresh one in my back yard today. I named it Steamy.

I have strayed far from my original point. That doesn’t matter, though, because I may have forgotten it anyway. I’m in Phoenix now, at Skyharbor airport, waiting to board my connecting flight to Vegas. I forgot to mention my reason for traveling, and that is to attend the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) convention in Las Vegas. NAB is the largest broadcasting trade show on the planet, but that has never stopped me from not going. This is my first time at NAB, and I’m really excited. The trade show is great, but I’m more interested right now in the industry parties. Sunday night, it will be Newtek, followed by Avid, and then on Monday nigh it’s Panasonic. I think we’re scheduled to crash a couple more as well, but I can’t remember right now.

Boarding now. Gotta run.


~ by peakaction on April 15, 2007.

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