The iPhone Confession

I must confess. I got an iPhone.

I thought I could wait. I thought I could be strong – because I was broke.

But then a client decided to pay me unexpectedly – in cash. *sigh*  I knew what had to be done. I could resist no longer.

So, yes! I admit it! I am an Apple fanboy. I love Apple gadgetry in all forms of its cutting edge trendy design. I own five Macs, dating from the original Macintosh all the way up to my dual G5. Hopefully an eight-core is in my future, but I feel that the next time I will be able to afford a new tower, the next generation will be upon us.

Anyway, the iPhone: Yes. Yes, it is as cool as you think it is, and as gorgeous in both form and function as the ads make it out to be.

It occupies a level of kickassery that was previously known only to the likes of Vegas buffets and Han Solo.

It is so great that, even though the novelty has worn off, I look for excuses to use it simply because it works so well. There are, however, a few things I would change about it.

First of all, it needs more. Just more. For instance, I’ve done everything I need to do tonight, like check my e-mail, check the weather, sent some texts, made some calls (the visual voicemail feature kicks ASS, btw), and checked the performance of a bunch of stocks I don’t own. I was able to do all this with lightning efficiency, and now that I’m done, I feel that there is so much more I could be doing with the device.

This leads to my biggest complaint: Apple shipped the iPhone with an amazingly light load of apps. It can do so much more than what it allows out of the box.

For instance, don’t get your hopes up about the YouTube app. It works great, but what you might not realize is that when you buy your iPhone, you won’t be able to search ALL of the videos on YouTube. You can only view and search the featured and most popular videos, which sucks, in my opinion, because most of that is just mindless time-wasting drivel. For instance, one of the top rated videos was a thirty-second clip of three goofballs dancing to goofy music while holding sparklers, in someone’s yard. That’s it. How the fuck is that the top-rated video on YouTube?!

I want to be able to visit my own YouTube page and show friends and clients the short films that I’ve made, etc. I want to be able to find the videos that matter to me, not the ones that entertain the lowest common denominator.

One would think that wish could be fulfilled by using Safari to visit a regular YouTube page, but as of now, the iPhone’s Safari browser does not support the viewing of Flash videos. I hear that Apple is working on that, though, and a software update will fix the issue.

There also needs to be a standalone Gmail app for the iPhone. This is a must. I don’t want to have to configure a POP3 access plan for Gmail.

Apple must also open up the iPhone to third party developers. The device is capable of so much and the opportunity to design custom apps must be allowed.

The next generation iPhone must have a user-replaceable battery.

I wouldn’t worry about the people screaming about the fact that it uses EDGE instead of 3G. My Blackberry was EDGE, and my Blackjack was 3G, and honestly, I didn’t notice a damned difference – they were both slow.

The in-phone camera is as bare-bones as it gets. You can’t zoom or change photo options, such as exposure mode and compensation, or color/monochrome, etc., at all. Activate the camera, take a photo. That’s all you can do. The quality of the image is pretty good, but it needs more. I’m not too miffed about it though, because we all know I always have a proper camera with my anyway. I don’t need my phone to take photos.
If you hear anyone dissing the iPhone’s adaptive keyboard, slap them. It kicks ass, although I would request the option to turn off the auto-correct feature, which at times is a bit overzealous.

before it’s release, the surface of the iPhone was switched from plastic to optical glass, which has to be best single decision about the iPhone Apple made. It will NOT scratch, and using it as a touch interface is a dream.

Is the iPhone worth the money? I’m going to say yes, because I know (trust) that Apple is going to juice its capabilities and give it more apps in the future.

The bottom line is that I friggin’ love it.


~ by peakaction on July 6, 2007.

3 Responses to “The iPhone Confession”

  1. I set up POP3 for my GMail. Took me about 2 minutes, never had any problems with it. I’d say go with it.

    I, unfortunately, live in England and this renders the iPhone utterly useless to me until the European version is released – but all the reviews I’ve heard have been super encouraging.

    Yes, I said ‘super’.

    But I have a feeling that the iPhone is a bit like OSX was at first when it came out, a little bit wobbly, very snazzy and full of potential but not quite there yet – and then like OSX when the updates all come out and they’ve had the first reviews they will make it the best thing in the planet, bar none.

    Micro$hit eat your heart out.

  2. it’s a bit better than my pocket pc running windows smartphone 2003 then lol? it really is as bad as it sounds 😉

  3. Nokia n810 paired to cell phone. flas and ajax support. mini firefox and b/g wifi and 800×480 transflective screen here. No iPhone for me.

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