I’m Pulling the Plug

Well, it seems that it’s been about a month since my last post here. I wouldn’t have thought that, but indeed it is the case. I blame uber.com, among other things.

The blogging and social network sites are getting out of hand, in my opinion. The ubiquitousness of myspace (I refuse to capitalize it) all but requires that I have a presence there, but I don’t officially count it as a recognized benefit. I have two myspace pages, actually – one for me the photographer and one for me the cinematographer. Of course, I rarely update either of them; they are there only for basic networking with others in my field who only seem to need myspace to do their business. It is their digital toilet tissue.

I have two WordPress blogs – again, one for photo and one for cine – a deviantART page, a FaceBook page, and more recently, an Uber page. I was first turned on to Uber by my friend, LA photographer Chris Weeks, and it seems to be my favorite. It is a place for artists that is fueled by the community spirit that once powered deviantART but it lacks the corporate stench that has permeated dA since Jark was ousted. I think deviantART now exploits artists in a big way. You should read their user agreement sometime.

So anyway, about the serious post title…

I’m pulling the plug on my Downtown studio. I’ve decided that, although I like the space on a whole, the negative aspects of trying to run a photo studio in the midst of an urban crack alley have finally gotten to me, and I can no longer justify spending the extra five or six hundred dollars a month it takes to maintain my lair. So, I’ve decided to move my workstation and photo gear back to my home until a new, more suitable, studio space can be located.

I don’t think Venda is too happy about the idea of the front room being turned back into a studio, instead of the home theater we had planned, but at least she understands… I think. Hey, six hundred bucks is six hundred bucks, you know?!

I started moving crap back home today. In fact, I’m typing this from my coffee table, where my G5 is set up until I can get my huge media desk hauled home tomorrow or Monday. I figure if I take stuff out slowly over the next month, the move won’t be so grueling. I hate moving, and if you’ve ever seen my studio, you know how much crap is in that place.

I’m motivated, though, because I know I don’t have long before V. takes issue with the two widescreen monitors, G5 tower, six hard drives, UPS, and three miles of cable that has suddenly appeared in the den, and dominated half the room.

Mahalo, Venda. Mahalo.


~ by peakaction on August 5, 2007.

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