A Few Forgotten Frames – I have to stop doing this

By “this” I mean leaving half-exposed rolls of film in their cameras for months at a time. I finally decided to finish a roll of 400CN that’s been in my Mamiya 7 II since – I think – last May. Every time I use that camera I remember how much I love using that camera, and remind myself that I should use that camera more often. The Fujinon lenses for the 6 and 7 series cameras are just stupid-good… Some of the finest glass I’ve ever used.

I’m glad I did; there was some cool stuff on that roll. Here are a few shots. These look a lot better full size, which you can see at darren.uber.com/profile.

Traditional Japanese Dancers
Traditional Japanese Dancers
Mahjong Players ©Darren Abate
Mahjong Players ©Darren Abate

These shots are from the Asian Cultural Festival in San Antonio, which I shot earlier this year.

This is one of the shots I made just to finish the roll. I was having coffee with Le at the time, and turned around to see this scene. I liked it.

The Puzzledoers ©Darren Abate
The Puzzledoers ©Darren Abate

Speaking of Le, here he is. I’m pretty sure he’s tired of spontaneous coffee house portraits.

©Darren Abate
©Darren Abate

I say this is his Hemingway Pose.


~ by peakaction on October 14, 2008.

One Response to “A Few Forgotten Frames – I have to stop doing this”

  1. love the second and third frames.

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