So much for my productive day.

I was just beginning to enter the second phase of my Very Productive Day — after an early morning shoot for the Spurs, which was Phase One — when the phone rang. It came at the last bite of my sandwich, which is never a good sign. Just in time to interrupt a meal.

It was Venda, telling me to get to the scene of the accident she had just been involved in, because she didn’t have her license and she wasn’t sure what was going to happen. Great.

She was obviously uninjured, so I wasn’t worried about that. She didn’t have time to give me the details then and there, so my mind was left to ponder on the drive over.

I jumped into my GTI and sped to the scene, which was on Loop 410 near McCullough. Venda being Venda, who, if she’s going to do something bad, does it very well, lived up to expectation. She hit a semi. She didn’t just simply hit it, mind you, she hit it well.

She had been traveling in heavy traffic on the loop when the truck in front of her slammmed on its brakes, which made her do the same. This caused the Trooper she was driving to fishtail, which she made valiant efforts to correct. However, eventually, the tail end of the Trooper veered into an adjacent lane and struck the nose of a tractor-trailer rig, cracking it all up.

After I arrived and checked out the hit, I was surprised she didn’t roll. The spare tire on the back of my Trooper is what made first contact with the rig, and there were rubber marks all over the side of the semi. I don’t know how the Trooper kept from rolling, save the fact that Isuzu made a very stable little 4×4 in 1991.

After hitting the semi at highway speed, the only damage to the Trooper was a slightly bent rear door and a dented bumper. The rear window wasn’t even broken. The entire front-right of the semi was cracked up where the fibreglass had taken the hit, and the running gear was bent up. My little Isuzu won that round, very very luckily. If she had hit at a different angle, it’s likely the semi would have rolled over her.

The accident wasn’t really anyone’s fault, and the fact that the cop didn’t issue any citations verifies that for me, at least. Whew. Insurace information was exchanged with the driver of the rig, who was a very nice fellow, and we all went on our way.

So now I’m back at home wondering if it’s worth it to try to get back into the swing of work. Yeah, I guess so. I have a lot of editing to do on the film, and also Spurs photos to edit and post. Back to it…


~ by peakaction on July 15, 2009.

One Response to “So much for my productive day.”

  1. Hi there mr.abate, I’m new to photography and I’d found your name in when reading Chris Weeks’s “Street photography for the Purist”. Your work is inspirational. I’m beginning to love street photography and taking black and white images. Anyway, just wanted to say hi and I hope to learn on how to take better images through your blog.

    Thank you sir for the inspiration!

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