New Canon EOS Cameras to be Announced – EOS 7D or Maybe EOS 1D Mark IV?

The word around the camp fire is that Canon is going to announce at least one new DSLR body on Sept. 1. A lot of people are whispering about a new EOS 7D, which would be the “little brother” of the EOS 5D Mark II.

The “rumored” specs on the “7D”, however, seem to be distinctly 1D flavored. The cropped sensor and the inclusion of a second DiG!C processor being the two main red flags that hint at the new cam being a 1D body. IMO there is no way that Canon would grant a second processing chip to a body that is technically supposed to fall below the 5D Mark II in the product line. ONLY the 1D models have ever had two image processing chips. Plus, the fact that the new body is supposed to have video features that trump those of the 5D Mark II is another clue.

Anyone heard anything more?

There is also talk of the EOS 60D being released, but who really cares? 😉

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~ by peakaction on August 26, 2009.

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