CES Blog #2 – Mystery Meat at the Circus Circus

I think in all we spent about 12 hours in airports or on planes today. The route to vegas for CES, although free, was long. We learned a very valuable lesson today: Don’t fly standby the week of the Texas/Alabama Championship game. We came from San Antonio to Vegas, and every nutcase fan from Texas and Alabama as well was flying the same route on their way to the game. Planes were overbooked like I’ve never seen, and the idea of flying on standby seems absolutely insane to me now that we’ve already done it. It’s a goof thing for free WiFi or I would have gone bonkers. This is how we spent the entire day:

@elozano works on his computer at Phoenix Sky Harbor airport

Ed (@elozano) works on his computer at Phoenix Sky Harbor airport

We finally made it to Vegas and after a thirty-five-dollar cab ride, checked into our room at Circus Circus. I’ve never stayed at Circus Circus before, but the rooms were dirt cheap, so how could we say no? After checking in, however, I know exactly how we should have said no. N-O. No. I will only mention the jet engine living in the air conditioner and the pre-existing stain on my bed sheet, and leave it at that.

@elozano on the baggage tram at McCarran Airport

Riding the tram to pick up our bags at McCarran International

After dropping our crap in the room, we headed downstairs to eat at a cafe that Ed said was good, but they ended up being closed. So, we ate at the buffet. How was it? If you want to recreate the experience of the Circus Circus buffet, you simply need to go to your local supermarket and buy every low quality frozen food item in their freezers. Then microwave them for about half the required time and serve on chipped cafeteria plates.

And throw in one dish that features a completely unidentifiable meat product. At first, I thought I was eating chicken. Then, after I had eaten most of it (I was hungry, dammit), I decided that it was in fact some variety of red meat. I actually did not know what kind of meat I was consuming. Regardless, I’d eaten worse-tasting things in my life, and like I said, I was hungry. I stopped eating, however, when what looked like a small knuckle assembly surfaced next to the obviously-instant mashed potatoes. This is not food for eating; it is food for laying down and avoiding.

If I survive my next trek through the lobby, I’ll tell you more about the hotel itself.

Tomorrow morning, we may actually make it to the actual show.


~ by peakaction on January 6, 2010.

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