CES Blog Post #3 – Press Credentials and Nice People

It’s always cool to run into someone nice who is happy to help you out. When Ed and I showed up at the LVCC today to pick up our credentials for CES, it wasn’t obviously evident where we should go, but we found it, after spending a few minutes outside getting some b-roll of the convention center and people walking in and out. Once in the registration area, a VERY nice lady helped us out and got us on our way. I don’t know her name, but here she is:

CES Las Vegas

The very nice lady who helped us register. She made me promise not to post her on America's Most Wanted... As if I have that kind of power. 😉

After geting our press credentials in order, and picking up the very nice canvas shoulder bag (gotta love press swag) they gave us, we headed up to the blogger lounge, which is where we are now.

Blogger lounge at CES Las Vegas

View from our table in the blogger lounge at CES in Las Vegas (Darren Abate/pressphotointl.com)

We’re about the head back downstairs to get some more b-roll of the convention floor as they’re setting up for the opening of the show tomorrow. Then it’s time for a quick lunch before we go to the Panasonic presser, which we should be streaming live on Ustream. We will tweet the URL when we go live. Be sure to follow @peakaction @elozano @newmediascoop for all the latest tweets from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas!


~ by peakaction on January 6, 2010.

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